Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Kleo and I’m new amateur model that would like to share with you my wildest fantasies, desires and my real life adventures. I have hundreds of pictures and videos on my site were you can taste a little piece of Kleo’s life.
As you can tell I’m not too shy and love sex… I can have sex at any given moment and any place on this planet. I love to make out with guys (some times more than one) and girls too. I love to dress sexy and make people turn their head and watch me tease their husbands. My choice of clothes is sexy minis and lacey stockings with my underwear being optional. I love to wear nylons and high thighs. I’m also public exhibitionist and do a lot of photo shots outdoors. There’s something about nature that turns me on and makes me want to do with first met stranger. Yes, I’m not your typical girl, but hey neither are you. Come in and check out my site.
Kisses, Kleo LaRoux

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